Custom Coating Services

Custom PVC Coating

Custom PVC Coating on Wire Basket

Give your products longer life with the protective quality that a custom PVC coating provides.  ADA Enterprises, Inc. can custom coat your steel products. We can apply a protective and durable layer of PVC for long-lasting, high-quality results.  The coating will protect the metal from rust even in some of the most demanding environments.  The coated surface will always be the same temperature as the current environment, and the PVC will also keep the product from being electrically conductive.  Furthermore, the coating is compliant with worldwide regulations.

Custom PVC Coating

Custom PVC Coating

Heavy duty coat hooks coated in plastisol for hanging up fire department gear.

ADA Enterprises, Inc. has the capability to coat products up to 6 feet wide, up to 12 feet long, or up to 30 inches deep.  We have coated items for customers that are as small as coat hooks and as large as commercial playground decks and playground bridges.  We offer a variety of standard colors  and are able to custom match a color for you.

For more information about how you can have your products custom coated with PVC, click here to contact us.

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